Hearts! Scrapbook Layout

Know the knowledge-surpassing love of Christ

Know the knowledge-surpassing love of Christ

I collect hearts. I have considered this a lot recently. February is a month where you find hearts everywhere. I am not one who celebrates Mr. Valentine’s hallmark events. ( I did, however, get chocolates and a beautiful pink azalea last evening from my dear husband.) I love my heart, I love the Lord’s heart, and I consider everyone’s heart. It is the entrance and exit of Life. Physically it is so, Even more so spiritually. OUR HEART is the place created to be the LORDS HOME!

When I was around 5 years of age, my momma was helping Deanna and I get ready for bed. We sat on a white vinyl couch facing our momma. She was sitting at the foot of our bed across from us. She was once again telling us of Jesus’s love for us. She asked if we wanted to ask Jesus into our hearts. We prayed with her. We invited Jesus to come into our hearts to make his home there. I remember that time vividly. I was regenerated with the Lords life.

As a child I loved that Jesus lived in my heart. At 17 years of age, I began to seek to know the Lord, and His will for my life. I have many stories to tell. I won’t tell them all! I left home for college. Went from Nebraska to Spokane WA. to attend Nursing school. I lived at Gonzaga U’s dorms but commuted to my school.

A verse was shared with me that supplied me during these college years. “Guard thy heart above all that though guardest, for out of it are the issues of life.”

In college, in my 20’s-30’s, in our marriage, motherhood, raising our 3 dear children, and even now in my 50’s, retired. GUARD thy heart. I am caring for my physical heart. I am also spiritually continuing to learn to take care of my heart. It is the entrance and exit of LIFE. Each day turning my heart anew to the Lord. Appreciating His cleansing me. Loving His presence, His joy, and His glory. I have many “glory” moments of enjoying Jesus!

Much love to each of you! May Jesus FILL your heart! May we Know the knowledge surpassing love of Christ! May TODAY be full of turning our heart to the Lord! Much grace. Debbie. LUBM


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