Hello Story

I am loving Ali Edwards class at Big Picture Classes, “Hello Story”.  This week she has shared using timelines as a tool for telling your story. I have used one of her ideas for this layout. I plan to meet the classes “assignment” for a layout a week and will post it here.

july 108

I have been very busy with many trips.  Babysitting,  assist son moving, visiting daughter, helping her set up craft room getting her baby’s room ready. My son in law’s big iron man race.  My daughter from Germany visiting me, my dear fathers memorial services, our vacation to a Bible conference in CA. etc.  I have a few more trips I need to take, so I will post again when I can.

Scrap booking  really is a real refreshment to me. I am glad I decided to take this class. My dear husband “insisted” in his sweet loving way.  We need to stay refreshed, I think even more so when we are so busy.

Much grace to all of us as we pursue Christ in our days. HE IS EVERYTHING.  Lubm…….Debbie.


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