Hello Story week 3

I am still loving this class; Ali Edwards Hello Story with Big Picture Classes. It has been a very fun, inspirational, and creative class. She is sharing 12 Story structures over 12 weeks. These are tools to help us tell our story. She shares examples and gives us ideas for layouts. She also shares with us some creative prompts.  Week 3 our assignment is to use the idea of “direction”, to help us tell a deeper story of our lives.  I created 2 layouts.  These are story’s I have been pondering, but with her help, I decided to make these scrapbook layouts.



hellostory 006


I am attending a 12 hour crop next Saturday hosted by the Kroc center.  I am sure I will have a lot of layouts to share with you and will post them here. I also will plan to do at least 1 layout a week through this hello story class.

 May today be a beautiful day of mercy and grace to you as you continue to “grow up into Him in all things.”  LUBM         Debbie


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