Hello Story week 10

Ali Edwards class Hello story with Big Picture Classes week 10 shared with us another great story telling tool. An organizing journalism tool, the 5 W’s:  Who, what, when, where, why.   Using these 5 W’s will help you tell a complete story.  She shared many ways these could be used.  I had a photo I have wanted to scrapbook for a few months, and I felt this tool would work very well for me.   I used the 5 W’s very simply.  Here is my layout.



I also made another layout this week which I will post here as well.  I heard and loved Stevie Wonders song, Stay gold.  I just had to write about what I felt the song meant.  It probably isn’t the artists rendition, but it spoke to me this way.

hellostory10 001


I laid 2 of my favorite gospel tracks beside it and will actually put those beside the layout in my album.  There are many verses in the scripture that speak to our experience of the Life and Love of Christ.  Our salvation, regeneration, transformation and glorification. Our enjoyment of Him! Stay gold!  May today bring you much gold in your spirit and soul. LUBM      Debbie


4 thoughts on “Hello Story week 10

  1. What great picture of Joy! And you did such a wonderful job with the layout!
    And I love your beautiful rendition of the 3 circles! Amen Lord!

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