Scrap booking!

I have been considering my plan for my hobby as the new year approaches.  I love to play with paper. I love to tell stories. I also love to remember and document these memories. Scrap booking fills all those needs.  I have a craft room which also is my guest room, and it is FULL.  I have collected over the years many things that are used for sewing, knitting and paper crafting.  The urge to purge has been strong! This past month I have collected many items and given them to friends or charities, but still want to use up or get rid of even more.

I am recording this plan as a reminder as well as a commitment to it!  For 6 months I am on a spending hiatus. Nothing is purchased for crafting during this time. I also am saving what I usually spend to purchase a Mac. computer.

I have stopped my subscriptions for scrap kits so I can use up my supplies, my stash.  My plan is to eventually return to a kit club, and use that as my way of scrapping. Using a kit is a real challenge to me, and I think it is good for me to be challenged.  I am looking forward to living more simply, and using what I have.

I will close with a lovely layout I did a few weeks ago. It was a challenge for a class I took at Studio Calico: “lifted”.  I love circles and loved this design of circles.

NovDec13 018

I love this little one!  She is growing and is getting more and more active. I look forward to making many more layouts of Lucy!

This final layout is a page I did to use up some of my wooden letters.  I have had fun making layouts just to use up my stash. A kind of a page of play!

NovDec13 017


I hope today is a restful happy day for you all!  LUB!    Debbie


2 thoughts on “Scrap booking!

  1. Debbie, your circle layout is absolutely gorgeous!! The best of the best I would say! 🙂 Love all of your creative projects!

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