One Little Word

Each year since 2010, I have chosen a word.  I heard about this practice in the scrap booking community and Ali Edwards class concerning her “invention” of this idea.  I am very thankful for her sharing it with us. I took her class this year with Big Picture Classes, but didn’t participate fully with it.  I still love the idea of choosing a word to inspire and focus on for the year. Each year my word has been very special to me and been a word which was ruminating in my heart as I chose it.  My word for 2014 hasn’t been chosen yet as I am just now considering it. In 2010, my word was Peace. In 2011, Healthy. In 2012, Praise. In 2013, Prayer.  I am considering a few for 2014, I will let you know when I am sure which one is best. 🙂

Words create.  As a parent, words can make a huge difference to those little ones in our care. The environment is greatly effected by our words as we live our daily life. Spiritually, words mean everything.  I LOVE the word of God, and am daily supplied by His speaking to me.

As we all begin a new year, have another great new start, may we each be blessed by the Lord’s dear presence. He is everything, and desires to supply all of our needs.   A year of the blessing of his presence is my hope for each of you dear ones in my heart. LUBM   Debbie


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