Scrap booking!

I have been considering my plan for my hobby as the new year approaches.  I love to play with paper. I love to tell stories. I also love to remember and document these memories. Scrap booking fills all those needs.  I have a craft room which also is my guest room, and it is FULL.  I have collected over the years many things that are used for sewing, knitting and paper crafting.  The urge to purge has been strong! This past month I have collected many items and given them to friends or charities, but still want to use up or get rid of even more.

I am recording this plan as a reminder as well as a commitment to it!  For 6 months I am on a spending hiatus. Nothing is purchased for crafting during this time. I also am saving what I usually spend to purchase a Mac. computer.

I have stopped my subscriptions for scrap kits so I can use up my supplies, my stash.  My plan is to eventually return to a kit club, and use that as my way of scrapping. Using a kit is a real challenge to me, and I think it is good for me to be challenged.  I am looking forward to living more simply, and using what I have.

I will close with a lovely layout I did a few weeks ago. It was a challenge for a class I took at Studio Calico: “lifted”.  I love circles and loved this design of circles.

NovDec13 018

I love this little one!  She is growing and is getting more and more active. I look forward to making many more layouts of Lucy!

This final layout is a page I did to use up some of my wooden letters.  I have had fun making layouts just to use up my stash. A kind of a page of play!

NovDec13 017


I hope today is a restful happy day for you all!  LUB!    Debbie


Scrap book layouts!

It is hard to beleave it’s been a month plus since I have posted.  I went to a 12 hour crop last Saturday and made 6 layouts. I also am taking a “Lifted” class at Studio Calico this month.  I finished the 12 weeks of Hello Story, but was not able to do layouts for the final 2 weeks as I got to be at my sweet grand daughters birth! I also got to help her and her mommy settle in at home for the first 2 1/2 weeks of her life!  I won’t go into any more details, but I have so many photo’s to scrap book!  My project life is up to date with my favorites posted, but I love to play with paper and do 12×12 layouts as well.  I will post the layouts I did at the crop using the October Studio Calico kit: Antiquary.  A few things from my stash were also used.

NovPL 047

NovPL 046

NovPL 045

NovPL 043

NovPL 040

NovPL 039

NovPL 038The last one is one I made from my scrap basket as a “clean out some favorite” scrap exercise!  ( I love to sort and clean ;)).

This final one is for the first week of Studio Calico’s class “Lifted”.  It has been fun to have a daily inspiration with a description of design and inspiration.  With just three “lessons”, I am being encouraged to see detail that I can miss.  The layouts name is Sparkle! 🙂

NovPL 035


This is a layout of our first grandchild Jaela.  Lucy Anne is now beginning to smile 🙂 as well.  I am so looking forward to great photo’s of our second sweet girl grand child, Lucy Anne!

Until the next time, Blessings to you all.   LUBM      Debbie


Hello Story week 10

Ali Edwards class Hello story with Big Picture Classes week 10 shared with us another great story telling tool. An organizing journalism tool, the 5 W’s:  Who, what, when, where, why.   Using these 5 W’s will help you tell a complete story.  She shared many ways these could be used.  I had a photo I have wanted to scrapbook for a few months, and I felt this tool would work very well for me.   I used the 5 W’s very simply.  Here is my layout.



I also made another layout this week which I will post here as well.  I heard and loved Stevie Wonders song, Stay gold.  I just had to write about what I felt the song meant.  It probably isn’t the artists rendition, but it spoke to me this way.

hellostory10 001


I laid 2 of my favorite gospel tracks beside it and will actually put those beside the layout in my album.  There are many verses in the scripture that speak to our experience of the Life and Love of Christ.  Our salvation, regeneration, transformation and glorification. Our enjoyment of Him! Stay gold!  May today bring you much gold in your spirit and soul. LUBM      Debbie

Hello Story week 9

Ali Edwards Hello Story week 9 with Big Picture Classes continues to be awesome. This week we are to use numbers to tell our story.  I have many ideas, and completed two for this week.

The first is a very busy layout. I have wanted to document this as I really didn’t realize until 2 years ago that I collect hearts! The layout shows you a few of my favorites.

hellostory9 003


This next layout was very fun to do.  I am not loving it, but it says what I want it to say. I love the beauty we have in creation that refreshes us daily. 

hellostory9 004


I am also going to post 2 other layouts that I did in the last week.  I just enjoy telling story’s with photo’s and paper! The first is a photo of Jaela that I loved. She is growing so fast, and I want to keep up current with her photo’s.

hellostory 003


The final one is using the last full paper I had in my Marks & Co. Studio Calico kit.  This is of Jim and James in the hospital room after Jaela’s delivery.  The techy age has effected us all.  It’s very evident in our children’s lives, but even “daddy” can get a bit distracted. :)!

hellostory9 002


Much grace to each of you as you continue on in this day.  Enjoy Jesus! He is everything! LUBM     Debbie

Hello Story week 7

Ali Edwards Hello Story class at Big Picture classes has been a favorite of mine.  This week the story tool given was using pie charts to tell a more detailed story.  In this class, I have been given tools to help me tell stories I have wanted to tell. Her ideas gave me a way to do so.  I am very thankful for this class.  This week I made a layout about the history of our “homes”, with a little detail about our current home. Our nest.

hellostory7 024


I used Studio Calico’s Marks & Co. kit, S.C. wood veneers, Little Yellow Bicycle’s pins.  It is so fun to get on paper, these stories that I have wanted to tell.

Much blessing to you all as today’s story is lived out in your lives. Have a great day!   LUBM     Debbie

Hello Story, Scrapbook layouts:

I am home from my trip.  In week 5 Ali Edwards shared “mathematics” as a tool to tell our story.  Hello Story is her class with Big Picture classes giving story structure principles to assist in our scrap booking stories. It’s been an awesome class. I was not able to do week 5 layouts, but today I did week 6.  The story structure is to have a 6 word story.  It’s been fun to define story’s using just 6 words. Some of her examples also had some journaling in addition to supplement the 6 words. I cheated in that an ampersand might be another word.  Here is the layout I just finished.  Week 6: a 6 word story. The paper in this layout is from the Studio Calico kit Marks & Co.

Augusttrip 108


The day before I left for my trip, I went to a 12 hour crop. I only stayed 8 hours, but I made a few layouts I thought I would share with you.   The paper for these layouts were from the Studio Calico kit Planetarium.

Augusttrip 011 Augusttrip 012 Augusttrip 002 Augusttrip 014 Augusttrip 015


kit killing layout! :)

kit killing layout! 🙂

At the end of the crop, I used a few scraps I had left to make this layout. When I got home, I dribbled some navy mist on it to finish it, but I do not have a photo of it finished.

I had a wonderful time at the crop, left early the next day to go to Seattle to a  memorial for my father.  It was a very sweet time and a very good trip.  I am recovering as travel exhausts me, but I felt so glad to be able to go.  My daughter and I with her friend, spent 4 days getting her home ready for her dear baby daughter’s arrival. I get to go again mid September for our second grand child’s birth.  SWEET DAYS AHEAD!

Much grace to you all as a new day arrives.  LUBM        Debbie

Hello Story, week 4;

I am LOVING this class. Ali Edwards through Big Picture Classes is presenting this class. She is sharing 12 weeks of inspiration and story structure tools to help us tell our story’s in scrapbooking.

Week 4; The concept of TIME, is the tool we are exploring. We have been given many prompts that can help us tell our story.  Here is this weeks layout that I made yesterday. I realize I didn’t put the date on it! I will after I post this.  I will be out of town for the next week so will “catch up”, when I get back.

hellostory4 012

I used Studio Calico’s Planitarium kit, Ali Edwards Hello Story handout, Hero Arts stamp.

May today be a day full of grace for you.  Much blessing as this week approaches, I will see you soon.   LUBM         Debbie