Rearranging for function

This past weekend, my husband said I could go on vacation on Saturday as he was gone to a conference.  I had such fun on my “vacation”!   I rearranged my scrap room!

My sewing machine was available but still not out and ready so I rarely used it in my scrapbooking.  My cuttlebug also was available but not out and ready.  Rarely did I use it! (I love to make my titles using my cuttlebug dies).  I decided to rearrange for function.  I need everything handy and ready to go so I will use it regularly.

I will show you some before and after photos of my “trip”. 😉  These first four will show you my before photos.  On the East wall of my scraproom was a trundle hide-a-bed used for rare visitors to bunk out. (The painting on the wall is one my grandmother painted!  She did awesome oil paintings.)

This gives a view of the room as you enter.  The window faces south.  My project life table is in front of that window.

The next is my desk.  I have “filled” it recently with a bin holding many of my scrapbook circle kit club embellishments as well as a bowl of my washi tapes.  I just recently quit the kit club.  I want to use up all of my stash this next year!  I am making my own kits.  Then I can rejoin a kit club and just use current products and not hoard so much.  I am a bit excited about this decision. 🙂  I do love clean and simple, but more than that I love creative functional organizing SO….everything I need to form a page is within reach. Thus…a bit of a “mess”,  but…..funtionally so. 🙂

The final before photo is of my bookshelf storing a lot of my things.  I gave away 9 jars of flowers as I have almost never used them. I kept 4 jars of prema flowers that I do use.  My buttons sorted by color I use all the time so I kept them. This is where my cuttlebug and my dies were stored.


Now the work begins… I moved the bed to the south wall.  After measuring I knew it would fit.  I still had enough access to the storage cupboard where my paper and a few other supplies are stored.  I moved the project life cupboard to the east wall where the bed was.  I removed the project life supplies from the drawers and the top of the cupboard.  I put my sewing machine out on the cupboard.  I also put my cuttlebug out.  The left drawer holds cuttlebug supplies and a few dies, the right drawer holds sewing supplies.  All “plugged in” and ready to go. 🙂

The green bin on top of the old typewriter table holds the rest of my cuttlebug dies.  Just unzip it and there is easy access to everything I need.  So functionally organized!  The balance of the bed by the window is a bit skewed to this discerning eye, but the room feels much more spacious.  I think I am going to love the way the room will work.  Time will tell.

Next I spent a lot of time working on the desk and the bookshelves.  Sorting and rearranging.  Often when working on my project life, I would do a lot of it on my desk anyway.  I now have everything I need in one place.  I even worked out space in my “file cabinet” drawers to hold my stamps.  Everything I need is within reach and easily accessed.   Here are the last photos of “AFTER” the rearranging.

The aqua blue album..(there are two) are this years project life albums.  The first is almost full.  In June I will begin the second.  The white bin holds this weeks PL items.  When I work on it, I grab the album and items and begin the layout on my desk.  All the cards and embellishments, my stamps and inks are ready to go on my desk.

Finally, I want to show you a layout I made to complete my vacation day!   In addition to this project, I regularly checked in with Shimelles blog to be involved with her scrap weekend.  I didn’t do any of the challenges, but loved all her content and hope to participate this week with some of the challenges. I also loved her glitter girl post on making kits with older paper.  I didn’t use any new items, but did sort my paper earlier this week.

Last Monday, some friends were in town and I loved being with these children.  They were so full of energy! While looking trough my paper, I found this lacy edged paper with the frog.  I knew it would tell the story of playing in the water and had to make  this page.  Here is the layout that I did after this “vacation trip”.  A wonderful way to end the day.

I hope you all have a vacation of your own.  Something you love to do.  Something that will refresh your heart.  Much grace to each of you today.  Be refreshed to love the Lord even more.  LUBM.        Debbie!




This week, I wanted to complete two organizing goals.

l.  Sort through clothing to get rid of a few items that I simply don’t wear.  I eather don’t like the fit, or the style. 

2.  Make room in my craft closet to keep my sewing machine out.

Yesterday I went through all my clothing.  I tried many items on.  When I shop, I often buy things because I love their color and style…(when they are cheap!) Usually at a clearance sale or a slightly used item at a thrift store.  When I buy, I often don’t try them on.   I store clothing in my craft room closet that are out of season or are a bit too small.  In the spring all my spring dresses replace my winter dresses in my bedroom closet.  I have kept many items that are a size to small.  What I love to wear are dresses and jumpers that are hard to find.  When I find something that I love I buy it and keep it….until it fits!  Always optomistic about this!  I sorted and got rid of a few things.  I also found a few jumpers I had stored that now fit perfectly! 🙂  (Everything somewhat fits, but unless I am down a few more pounds, alot I know I won’t wear until it is looser. )

I found these great clothing storing boxes at Walmart.  They will fit above our closet shelves.  The cost is right and the look is just right.  I packed away those clothes that I love.  I am pretty sure by mid summer, Almost all of them will be a perfect fit. 

Putting these away above my other clothes has given me more room in my craft room closet.  It also motivates me to continue to make good food choices.  I have alot of nice clothing that will be a perfect fit very soon!   I will now get to put my sewing machine out on a small table that I have.  It is an old typing table on rollers.  I can open the closet, roll out the machine, and have it set up to use quickly.  Yeah!!  Two things done.  My sewing machine handy, and my clothing sorted.  A great productive week!

I hope you all had a great week.  Tonight we get to go to a love feast!  Tomorrow I get to go with a dear friend to a Scrapbook crop.  A day full of crafting.

Much blessing to you all….Enjoy a day full of praise.  LUBM   Debbie


I love every season.  Here in the beautiful northwest, we have all 4 definite seasons.  I grew up with snow and harsh winters in Nebraska.  I LOVE SNOW!  It is so lovely and clean.  As a gardener I love the quiet season of winter to dream of spring plantings.  The cold kills a lot of trouble for plants as well as nourishes the soil with the moisture. It is beautiful as it falls and wonderful when it stays for a while. “Snowmen fall from heaven unassembled” (a quote from a Mary Engelbreit card.)

When my children were little, I collected snowmen.  I have tempered my collection, but last weekend I got the few I kept out.  It is so fun to see them.  We always decorated the windows with snow flakes that we made on the first snowfall of the year.  I don’t have them any more.  I do still have my favorite snowmen. I will post a few pictures of my winter decor.

Before: My fall mantle


After: My winter mantle


kitchen decor

My favorite! Given to me by Jenn my daughter. I've named them Jim and Debbie! When I see them I fall in love again with my dear husband! Don't they kind of look like us! 🙂


I have a few more photos, but you definitely get the picture of what I like!  Jim and I will be going to Anaheim, CA. (away from the snow for a little over a week.)  We are attending a wonderful conference  studying the book of Psalms in the Bible.  My son and his wife as well as my youngest daughter will be there.  I am looking forward to this precious time in the word, and with my family.  MUCH MUCH MUCH BLESSING BE WITH YOU ALL!!!      LUBM     Debbie

Project Life scrap table!

Well, my dear husband spoiled me again!  I have been looking for a table, counter height, that I could stand and work on my project life scrapbook.  I love this way of telling the story’s of our life. I have used the system for two years. I’ve used it differently each year and this next year I am going to add another element.  I will be keeping ALL my layouts in this album.  My project life pocket pages as well as the 12 x 12 layouts, 4x4s etc. all in the 3 ring binders.  This year I had added many extra sized pages to my P.L. book.  I love the idea of the complete story in one place.  I am sure it will take at least 2 notebooks, maybe even 3 for a year.  Becky has great Albums available at Amazon.  We will see how many I fill!

Ali Edwards keeps her project life book on the counter in her kitchen.  It makes the journaling and scrap saving handy.  I like the idea of keeping it out, ready and constantly available.  I don’t want spills to damage it so was looking for a tall table that I could use in my scrap room for this purpose.  I also have seen the way others have used their PL, using up their own supplies, their stash as well as the PL cards. I’ve done this a little this year.  Go to Becky’s Blog ( Becky Higgins) and see what her project life creative team does.  Each is so unique and creative.

After searching my favorite thrift stores, even IKEA in Seattle, I found exactly what I needed at Target.  More costly than I usually spend, $249.00 for a rolling kitchen cart.  (It is well made, and can serve many purposes.)  The few times a year when I need to use the trundle bed in my craft room, I will need to roll the cart away to my bedroom to let the guests have space. Otherwise it owns the space and will gratefully supply my project life’s needs.

It took Jim 3  1/2 hours to assemble it after work on my daughters 26th birthday.  Another day of LABOR :).  I got to watch the labor this time!  I love it. 

Today, I began to set up the table, and am really happy with how it will work.  My project life has a new home! 

Laboring Jim

final pages of 2011 Amber and ready to scrap

The top 2 drawers hold the journalling cards, tape runner, scizzors and embellishments.   The right hand cupboard holds my paper and other types of page pockets for the project life.  The Left cupboard holds my sewing supplies.   I love this extra space already! The box on top of the cabinet holds things I collect during the week that I want to put in my album.

I also made this tag today to put in my Album….See Jenny, even you make the news! 🙂

The aqua project life on the table is my 2012 album “waiting” for a few weeks before it
will be used.  I have 2 sets,  Joy may choose to have one of them.  I will see her briefly in a few weeks so we will see which one I get for the year.  Turquiose or Clementine??

Thank you for reading my latest story.  Thank you Jim for your Labor and Love.  I am looking forward to having a project life work station.  Fun, functionally organized, and pretty as well.  🙂    Much Blessing to each of you,  


Orange Paint!!!

Jim and I had a wonderful thanksgiving!  We had a dinner out with Jim’s father at the Red Lion Inn at the Park and had a yummy turkey dinner.  We also had an AWESOME conference….and I mean AWESOME!! on the FOCUS of the Bible.  I will share with any one of you individually the truth of God’s New Testament economy.  We are SO blessed to be under the Lord’s present speaking and to be enjoying our Triune God daily!

In the afternoon on Thursday, Jim and I painted 2 walls in our Spokane home’s daylight basement.  What I call our Spokane cottage! 🙂  We moved to our Condo in Coeur d’alene, and never really made our Spokane home feel like our home.  We “shared” our furniture between these two homes and sort of  “stuffed” it together.  I never felt that happy with the comfort of it.  Plain white walls are ok, but I sometimes crave a bit of color.  I have been looking at colors and wanted to blend the different wood colors of our furniture and the deep red leather sofa and chairs. I felt a deep golden color would do the job.  It worked in my parents home when we moved them.  I chose sun-kissed Apricot.  The color on the little sample was perfect!

In the perfect lighting, the walls are just as I wanted.  YET…. shadows, direct lighting, in the a.m. and p.m.,  I have “orangey” walls.  Go figure.   I am no longer cringing, and actually, by the end of the weekend,  I like it!  I purchased a few new pillows and a painting at Pier 1 that I LOVED.  I feel like they tied it all in.  Now, I like my Spokane cottage, and even like to stay there.  🙂  Mission Accomplished!

Here are some before and after photos…. Please come and visit me here!  You might like it too.  So homey.

Before painting


Better Homes and Gardens Sun Kissed Apricot:

I like MANY colors!  Orange is probably my LEAST favorite color!  Now I do love the fall colors naturally in nature…..leaves, pumpkins etc…  I just would never wear it, and I surely didn’t think I would like it on a wall.   I told Jim maybe it would remind him of Mexico as Mexico is technically his “home”.  He said it doesn’t remind him of Mexico.  Hmmmm.  HOWEVER….He likes the walls we painted.  He thinks it is “so neat” that they change colors often depending on the light.  I am so glad he is so easy to please!  He is usually the best at picking out colors.

The next photo shows the pillows that I found.  I love them.  (If I love something, I know it will work.)  I also bought some fabric in which I am going to make a ‘red’ child size pillow for my child size rocker.  It will balance out the poppy picture that I bought. You can see the rocker above to the right of the picture. 

The final change, was to re-line the back of my scrapbook corner cupboard.  I used a lovely red fabric that blends with the leather furniture.  


So glad this project is done. 
I will show you the pillow that I make, when it is done. I have an idea that I think will be so cute.  We will see. 
Now if I can quit thinking about how I want to paint the floor…………  Poor Jim.  Project after project!   🙂
Thank you for reading my ramblings and seeing the results of about 6 hours of labor.
Much blessing to each of you!  LUBM                 Debbie

My Craft Room’s

My Craft Room

I have been inspired by Renae’s and Amy’s posting’s on their craft rooms.  Most of you have seen mine, but I thought posting pictures of them would be fun.  So, here we go…

Our Condo’s second bedroom is my craft room.  We have a trundle bed on one wall for rare visitors.  The rest of the room, including the closet is full of my crafts.  My sewing and knitting are in the closet.  My scrapbooking and card making supplies fill the other wall.  You definitely see my favorite happy color of green is preeminent.

We live in our Condo during the week.  On certain weekends, depending on the meetings of the church, we spend time in Spokane in our homes day light basement apartment.  We rent out the upstairs of the home.  This last Thanks giving break, I enjoyed setting up a “craft corner” for our Spokane home.  Now I don’t have to haul things back and forth but have a place in each home to work on my crafts.  Here is a picture of my “craft corner”.

This “dressor” I made  around 1980.  I purchased a used beat up (with great lines) dressor for real cheap.  I will guess around $20.  I took the drawers out and flipped them on their sides.  I put a peice of wood on the top of the dressor and used new sides. Put some trim, and painted.  I wanted to use it for dishes.  I kept it and after we were married and had kids, it was used as a dressing table. Then it became a book shelf for my kids,  and now a cute craft cupboard.  An old piece full of memories.  I did my conststruction using a simple loop shaped saw.  Amazing what a cute idea and alot of determination can do!

I do need to do some re-sorting and cleaning my craft closet and cupboard.  Maybe I will do a before and after post in a few weeks when I will have the time for that project.  This next weekend we will be rearranging our Spokane storage to make room for my kids (adult children), boxes.  We are storing their things until they finish their schooling.  James and his wife Josie graduate from WSU in 1o days!!!! YEAH.  In August they will attend the FTTA for two years. (A Bible college).  We are so happy they get to do this.  I may take some shots of our weekend labor and share it with you.  Joy’s in Germany in the University there.  Boxes, boxes, boxes!!!  My dear Jenn, she also has stored boxes with us.  Someday………………

Well, I was going to post a short craft that I did.  I will save that for later.  Much Grace be with you ALL!!   LUBM