Happy NEW Year!

I LOVE New starts. A beautiful morning every day. A New year full of promise. We have so many opportunity’s to begin again.  A heart full, yet still thirsty.  A SOURCE of Pure Joy, Full of  Truth. Holy and Righteous, Full of Hope.  Love itself!  May our dear Lord Jesus be real, intimate, and one with each of us as we take the next step in our lives. A Blessed NEW year to all.



The whole treasury of God!

I am not sure the direction my blog will go. I am considering Instagram to share my favorite scrapbook layouts as my kids see that. I no longer have a computer but do have a brand new iPad. I really don’t need this tool right now. For now, I want to end this post with a great quote which nourishes me daily. It was given to me by a friend years ago. It still is posted in my drop spot.

By Henry Whipple 1822-1901

“All we want in Christ, we shall find in Christ.

If we want little, we shall find little.

If we want much, we shall find much.

But, if in utter helplessness, we cast our all on Christ,

He will be to us the whole treasury of God!”

Much grace be to each of us today.   LUBM.   Debbie

I love hearts!

Today is Friday Feb. 14.  Friday is our date day as my hubby works a shorter day when the work load allows. We go out to eat a late lunch together and hang out the rest of the day.  I love Fridays as I get a lot of time with Jim. :).  Today is also valentines day. A day we actually don’t celebrate, but sometimes we use it to make excuses to eat some chocolate :)>  That also makes today great. I hope you all have a fun day. Enjoy some virtual heart balloons, some couple time, and definitely some chocolate.  (pink roses are also fun to have)  LUBM……Debbie

One little word

MINGLING. That is my word for 2014.

I have such a desire to Live Christ. He lives in me and He is my hope of glory. He is everything, the center of Gods economy. I want to be one who gives her life to help Him meet His need.  He wants a corporate body on this earth to live Him. That “living Him”, allows Him to have His Kingdom on this earth where He is free to supply all that He is to His creation. Mingling. May He mingle more and more with me, that His need, His purpose be fulfilled.

One Little Word

Each year since 2010, I have chosen a word.  I heard about this practice in the scrap booking community and Ali Edwards class concerning her “invention” of this idea.  I am very thankful for her sharing it with us. I took her class this year with Big Picture Classes, but didn’t participate fully with it.  I still love the idea of choosing a word to inspire and focus on for the year. Each year my word has been very special to me and been a word which was ruminating in my heart as I chose it.  My word for 2014 hasn’t been chosen yet as I am just now considering it. In 2010, my word was Peace. In 2011, Healthy. In 2012, Praise. In 2013, Prayer.  I am considering a few for 2014, I will let you know when I am sure which one is best. 🙂

Words create.  As a parent, words can make a huge difference to those little ones in our care. The environment is greatly effected by our words as we live our daily life. Spiritually, words mean everything.  I LOVE the word of God, and am daily supplied by His speaking to me.

As we all begin a new year, have another great new start, may we each be blessed by the Lord’s dear presence. He is everything, and desires to supply all of our needs.   A year of the blessing of his presence is my hope for each of you dear ones in my heart. LUBM   Debbie

Hello Story week 8

Ali Edwards Hello Story class provided by Big Picture Classes, continues to be one of the best classes I have taken.  This week our assignment is to use maps to tell our story.  I really enjoyed this and from this, I now have many stories I want to document!  



I loved putting this simple imformation down on paper.  I will probably journal some childhood memories and put that more detailed information in my Project Life album next to this layout.  

I also want to share 2 layouts I made last weekend.  The first is “clean out some embellishment” layout!  I really wanted to use up a lot of some pretty things.  I made a heart!  I found a cute little picture to put on it!   The second layout I had some basic grey hipster tape strips I wanted to use up.  They were in a Studio Calico kit and I am cleaning things out after my kit kill! 🙂  It was fun to play this way!  Image


Thank you for visiting my site.  Much grace be with you as you continue on today. Jesus is Lord!   LUBM    Debbie

Hello Story, week 4;

I am LOVING this class. Ali Edwards through Big Picture Classes is presenting this class. She is sharing 12 weeks of inspiration and story structure tools to help us tell our story’s in scrapbooking.

Week 4; The concept of TIME, is the tool we are exploring. We have been given many prompts that can help us tell our story.  Here is this weeks layout that I made yesterday. I realize I didn’t put the date on it! I will after I post this.  I will be out of town for the next week so will “catch up”, when I get back.

hellostory4 012

I used Studio Calico’s Planitarium kit, Ali Edwards Hello Story handout, Hero Arts stamp.

May today be a day full of grace for you.  Much blessing as this week approaches, I will see you soon.   LUBM         Debbie